Your mind plays a valuable part in staying fit.

Your mind plays a valuable part in staying fit.

Alana Sanders

Licensed Fitness Instructors and Professor


As I drove down the highway leaving the gym from working on me and motivating others on the importance of being healthy, I became distracted for a few seconds; forgetting that I just did something good for my body and was proud on what I had achieved. Waiting at the intersection for the light to change green, I looked across the highway because a bright red light consisting of the bold letters reading, “HOT” caught my attention. Now, we all know what that means. The donuts are hot and fresh at a notable pastry franchise that sits on every corner giving you easy access to their business. As my mind subconsciously told my hands to turn into the parking lot to go through the drive -thru, I placed my order for a half dozen of donuts. Yes, I did! But what brought me back to reality was when the young lady over the loud speaker said, “Mam, your order will be $3.24 but for $1.00 more you can get a dozen. (The Setup) I did the math… how can 6 donuts cost one price but when the order is doubled its only $1.00 more? Then, I thought about my hard work and how much more work it would take for me to burn off those donuts; the price I would have to pay for making the wrong decision. I politely tell the cashier, “My apologies, can you please cancel my order” and drove off.




Your body is a temple…

The mind is very powerful and it plays a big part to living a healthy life; whether we choose to bake our fish instead of frying it or eating sweet potato fries over the heavy salted fries from a fast food restaurant; it all deals with having the right mindset. When I speak about having the right mindset, I’m speaking of what the fitness world states about having the will-power. If we base it from a spiritual aspect it’s more so tuning into the quality of life God wants us to have and live. We all have a purpose on this earth and if we are not in the best shape to complete God’s mission, then how can we be a vessel? Our bodies don’t belong to us, they were given to us by God. We have heard many times, “Your body is a temple.” What does that mean? 1 Corinthians 6:19-20


“Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself,”  NIV

God took the time to design what he thought was perfect in His image.  So perfect that He chose us to live out his mission as He works through our temples. You were chosen. Don’t you know He can do it all by himself but he so graciously made us a part of the vision.  If our house is not clean (meaning body) then how can we focus on what needs to be done? If we are constantly in the Dr’s office for every element attacking our bodies, taking medication that never cures the problem but only assist with temporary fixing the symptom, then what use are we to Him. How can we reach the lost, when we are lost ourselves?



I’m not small enough….

Eating healthy and staying fit does not mean, “Skinny”. The media has perpetuated what is suppose to be acceptable in this world that everyone wants a quick fix. (Microwave Society ) We rather go to Dr. Quick Fix to get the body we want instead of working for it…but the problem still remains. The main part that is needed to start this process is the mind. Your mind is still at stage one. What happens…within a year you have gained the weight back and more. Why? Because you haven’t made up in your mind to change your way of thinking, your old habits of eating or a workout plan to maintain that $8,000 to $30,000 body you just purchased. But the person who has put in the work has a better outlook on life because they went through the process and if they fall off track, they know how to get back on to continue mission. (The Donuts)


Motivation to living a healthy life…

You have to make up in your mind what you want for your life. If you are a parent, your outlook should be that you want to live out your mission to pass on healthy habits to your children.  Providing a healthy lifestyle to your children at a younger age will produce healthy adults. The cycle will continue throughout generations to where they will pass along the same traits. It’s never too late to rearrange the thoughts in your mind. Make up in your mind today that you want to live a long life, a healthy life and a life to where distractions are just a minor setback; and you are equipped with the tools to get back on track. Remember, it’s never too late.


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