When addiction hits home…..



I have been dealing with a fiance that was addicted to drugs.

This has caused a tremendous strain on our entire family because when you love someone u only want the best for them. But this type of behavior destroy families because the trust is depleted, the heart is broken repeatedly from continuous drug use,disappearing acts,stealing,lying,not knowing where or who he’s with or if he’s safe.

Then also there is the not helping out financially,not having that communication to know when your partner is at his breaking point.

I have had several dealings with him being incarcerated.

I found myself constantly trying to hide the tears from my kids and family and trying to remain faithful to GOD.

At times it was hard to do, due to the anger,but in the end it was praying that has gotten me through all these times. Also one of the greatest lessons I learned was understanding that I can love him but I don’t have to make his problem my problem, because it affects me totally different. I also took from this experience, that I have to remain focused for my kids because right now, they need me the most.

So my letter of encouragement to any other ladies, or even family members who may be gong through somethings similar to this is, remain faithful to GOD because he will NEVER leave you nor Forsake you.

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