In today’s world what is life without balance. In our society we move around so much that it is so hard to have family time, wife time and even time for yourself; but somehow I have been blessed with the keen ability to incorporate time for a broad range of things. We all must remember that we all have time for things that are important to us and I don’t sign up for nothing that I don’t consider important  or important to the person who need my assistance.

I believe to have balance is a must essential and you need to be a good time manager. You must be able to assess everything that you must complete and prioritize them and place them in essential order. You must set you mine to follow 3 important steps.

  • Vision – you must have something in sight and then you must see it through
  • Commitment – you do not stop until you have completed and closed the deal
  • Determination –there will be set backs and some things will not fit like a puzzle so you must keep the faith and drive forward and God will place you desires in front of you so you wouldn’t have to look to your side or behind you. The move is straight forward with a bobble.


B-right set your sight so you can see the end

A-ssign everything in order and follow your first desires

L –imit yourself to only what needs to be done.

A –ggressively attack each project and complete them in the time set.

N –ever leave a project in complete and never except something when you do not have the time to follow through.

C –orrect any and all mistakes, don’t put them off until they are corrected

E –nd has arrived, but it arrived 3 days prior to your deadline